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  • Frequently asked questions are compiled in the FAQ section. Please search your question in the FAQ before sending in an inquiry.
  • If you are in to exchange the size of your online purchase or received a defect product, please contact us through the Return & Exchange support page.
  • For repairs, please inquire through the Repair support page.
  • For inquiries related to coverage, leasing requests, or new business transactions, please contact us via email at the following address:
  • For any other questions, uncertainties, and size exchanges/returning defect products from Yamatomichi Kyoto or Kamakura, please feel free to contact us using the form below.

Yamatomichi is happy to help you repair any of our products. We believe that extending the lifespan of our products is good not just for you, but also for the planet. We are sure that a carefully repaired backpack will make you love it even more, so do let us know how we can help.

We take pride in our ultralight hiking gear. They might not be so strong a durable as products made with sturdier fabrics, but we believe your world may look different when your load is lighter.

We hope you will come to love both the advantages and disadvantages of being lightweight, and enjoy hiking with our gear for many years to come.

Ichiro Kitajima, Yamatomichi Repair Division

How to get you back on the road:

1. Please contact us via Inquiry Form.
Please contact us via the Repair Request Form below. Please specify the item name, how it is broken, and the date of purchase.

2. We will contact you by email.
After the item status is confirmed, we will contact you by e-mail to inform you of the repair cost and due date of repair as soon as possible.

3. Please send us the item to be repaired.
Please pre-pay the shipping cost in advance and send us the item to be repaired.

4. We will confirm the details of the repair.
After checking your item, our repair staff will contact you with the details of the repair and the repair cost.

5. Please pay the repair cost.
As soon as the repair fee is paid, we will start repairing your item.

6. We will send the repaired item back.
Your item will be delivered as soon as the repair is completed.

Repair cost

  • The repair costs listed below are rough guidance.
  • Please add 10% consumption tax if you live in Japan.

Replace broken zipper: ¥5,000
Replace broken shoulder pad: ¥5,000 or more/each
Repair hole (app. 5cm): ¥500 or more
Replace the entire side/bottom fabric: ¥5,000
Repair the minor hole with repair tape: ¥500 or more

Repair hole (app. 5cm): ¥500 or more

Repair minor holes: ¥500-¥1,000
Replace belt: ¥1,000

Miscellaneous Parts: ¥100 or more

Please feel free to contact us about repairs other than those listed above!

Please note: The above price list is a rough guidance and does not include shipping fees.


The customer is to pay for the shipping.
The return shipping fee will be charged together with the repair cost.

Shipping from the customer to Yamatomichi: Paid by the customer in advance
Shipping from Yamatomichi to the customer: 700 yen (tax included)

Yamatomichi Kamakura, Kyoto accepts repairs by bring-in. Please check the STORE page for our business days.

Shipping Address:

Yamatomichi Inc. Repair Department
248-0027, 6-3-11 Fuegata, Kamakura, Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan
Telephone: +81-467-25-6343

  • Please specify on the shipping label “Item Name” and “Repair.”
  • Please make sure the pockets are empty before you ship it.
  • The backpack will become more compact in shipping size if the back pad or internal rods are removed.


We accept PayPal (credit card) and bank transfers for payment. Bank transfer is for domestic customers only.

PayPal (credit card)
You do not need to register PayPal to pay by credit card; we will send you a PayPal billing email and you can make a payment by credit card via the URL in the email.

Bank transfer
Bank Name: Japan Net Bank
Branch Name: Suzume Branch
Type of Account: Savings
Account Number: 3850737
Account Holder: Yamatomichi

*When you make a payment by bank transfer, please add “8585”, the ID for repair service, before your name.
Example: 8585 YOUR NAME

  • For inquiries on how to cancel, return, or exchange, please check the following information and contact us using the “Return and Exchange Request” form at the bottom of the page.
  • For inquiries on items purchased from Yamatomichi dealers, please contact each dealer that carries the product.
  • For inquiries on items purchased at Yamatomichi Zaimokuza or Yamatomichi-hosted events, please contact us via below CONTACT US.

Cancellation and Return

  • Your order can be canceled by yourself via the Order Confirmation email, which is sent right after your order. For details, please visit our NEWS.
  • You can cancel your order before the shipment is prepared at our warehouse. After the shipment is ready, your order cannot be canceled.
  • Custom order items and made-to-order items cannot be canceled or amended after the order period is over.
  • If you find any defects, we accept an exchange, only when the item is unused. If the identical items are out of stock, we will repair it or refund your purchase.
  • We do not accept the return of the items due to customer’s personal reasons or preferences after the product is delivered.

Size Exchange

If the size of the product does not fit, we will exchange it. We only accept exchanges when the item is unused (except for fitting). Please be sure to check the following notes, and contact us via the “Return and Exchange Request” form at the bottom of the page.

  • We only accept exchanges when the item is unused (except for fitting).
  • Please contact us within seven days of receiving your item.
  • We may not accept a return or exchange when the item is washed or damaged, or if we notice any sign or smell of cigarettes, cosmetics, or stains on the clothes.
  • We may refuse repeated returns or exchanges.

How the item is exchanged

1. Contact us via the “Return and Exchange Request” form below within 5 business days after the item is delivered.

2. After confirming the details of your request, we will send you an email with information about the exchange procedure.

3. Please confirm our email and return the item to us within 7 days of receiving your item. Please ship it at your expense.

4. We will check the returned item and ship the correct item back to you at our expense.

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